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About Us


Beautytap is a beauty discovery destination with a social community of verified beauty professionals including estheticians, licensed cosmetologists, hair stylist, and makeup artists.

Discover new global brands and products through beauty expert reviews, conversations, and samples.



We partner with global beauty brands who believe in two core philosophies:

Multi-cultural beauty and diversity

Value of a real beauty professional’s opinions






Beautytap’s mission is to help people discover diverse beauty and wellness products around the world through an inclusive beauty expert community.





Beautytap is more than just skin deep beauty. We at Beautytap strongly believe that beauty is our way of introducing a small part of culture to the world with the hope that the more you grow to love beauty from different countries, the more you’ll understand and appreciate diverse cultures.





Beautytap seeks not only existing popular brands, but we look for independent brands that have unique multi-cultural and international stories. We look for products from Asia, Europe, Australia, U.S., India, and even S. Africa bringing the best of global beauty to the rest of the world.  Our curation team vets every brand on the site and then releases the products to our beauty expert community for their professional reviews.